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Technical Verification at Stackmine

Technical verification is a process aimed at assessing a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and technical experience in the context of a specific area or field. This is a crucial step in the recruitment process, especially when hiring specialists in the IT industry. That’s why at Stackmine, we pay special attention to this.

The technical verification process is appropriately tailored to the candidate’s level of experience and the specific role’s requirements. Technical verification during recruitment involves various stages of assessing a candidate’s skills.

We understand the significant role played by the person conducting the verification in such processes, which is why technical assessors at Stackmine are individuals with substantial project experience. These are people who, for the most part, have held roles as Tech Leaders in their extensive careers. In addition to the technical aspect, soft skills are important to us. Communication is key to learning as much as possible about the candidate being verified. Furthermore, after successful recruitment, you may meet the person conducting the verification on a project, allowing us to tailor the candidates’ skillset to project challenges during the technical verification stage.

According to Tom, who oversees the DevOps area: ‘Technical recruitment is a crucial process that allows us to delve deeper than just paper qualifications. We assess not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical application of these skills. This way, we build a team that not only possesses knowledge but can effectively apply it in a dynamic project environment.

During technical discussions, our assessors focus on:

  1. Technical verification, combined with discussions about the projects the candidate has worked on previously and questions from the technological area of the project they are applying for. The goal is to understand how the verified individual handles current challenges and assess their skills and knowledge in specific technologies.
  2. A code challenge where the candidate may be asked to complete a project or solve a task. This allows us to assess their practical application of programming knowledge. Subsequently, the task is discussed during the interview.
  3. Analysis of the candidate’s project code, often used for junior positions, to evaluate code quality, approach, and adopted patterns.

The recruitment process is flexible and tailored to the specific technology and project context. Depending on the project’s nature and the technologies used, technical verification elements may vary. This is a crucial stage, especially in fields where precision, deep technical knowledge, and practical skills are essential. Our recruiters inform the candidates early in the process about how this stage will proceed.

Additionally, according to Paweł from the recruitment department: ‘Technical verification is not just a recruitment stage for us but a real unveiling of candidates’ potential. Through various tests and technical interviews, we not only assess their skills but also how they perform in a dynamic environment. It’s not just a selection process, but an investment in building a team.’

If you are interested in joining our team and advancing your career at Stackmine, we warmly invite you to check our current job offers on our website. There, you will find detailed information about available positions, our company, and the benefits of working with us.



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