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Recruitment process at Stackmine

In the dynamic world of business, where competition is intense, choosing the right employees is a key factor in the success of any organisation. Throughout our company, we are well aware of the importance of proper employee recruitment. We have therefore developed a precise and effective recruitment process, so that we can select the best suited candidates for our team.

What is the recruitment process at Stackmine?

STAGE 1: Recruitment screening

Recruitment screening is a remote process. At this stage, we collect information regarding your competences and expectations, we ask for a detailed description of your work experience and the technologies you have used. We do all of this to get to know you and your skills better.

STAGE 2: Technical verification

The purpose of the technical verification is to test your knowledge and practical skills. The technical part is usually an interview to verify your skills in areas closely related to the project or position you have applied for. You may be asked to perform a technical task according to the specific project.

STAGE 3: Meeting with the team

The subsequent stage involves a meeting with the Team Leader or Manager responsible for the project to which you are applying. The purpose of the interview is to find out more about each other and to give you more information about the company, the team and your future responsibilities. In addition, there may be additional technical questions related to your experience. This stage is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the project or the used technologies.

STAGE 4: Feedback

Within a few days of the technical verification, you will receive feedback accompanied by a briefing. The tech staff who took part in your technical verification will prepare a note after the interview and evaluate the interview, test or task you had to perform. You will receive feedback from your recruiter.


The recruitment procedure in our company is not only a structure, but also a value. We focus on honesty, effectiveness and respect for each candidate, by giving you the opportunity to show your potential. We want every stage of recruitment to be a valuable experience for you so that you can better understand our organisation and contribute to its success.

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